What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Information And Communication Technology

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1. Introduction
When Information and Communication Technology is evolving rapidly, it is a challenge to keep up, and integrating it in the classroom is the other concern. Technology in education has become the buzz word in every educational environment (Chhabra, 2012). Learning now occurs almost everywhere. The teaching and learning process is not the traditional bricks and mortar anymore which confined between four walls. ICT tools like the internet, e-mails, printers, scanners, computers, interactive boards, i-pads, audio equipment, digital single lens reflex camera, smartphones, tablets, ‘phablets’, social networking medias are ruling the world of education. From the world’s most famous search engines like Google to the world’s most visited
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To some extent, most of the staff found it useful when these facilities have been upgraded. However, there are some limitations both lecturers and learners encountered. The limitations are described below:-
Technical Difficulties
Oral Presentation is one of the assessments of DUE 1012 Communicative English 1. Learners are encouraged to use the Microsoft Office Power Point Presentation or other online ICT tools which are available for free like “Prezi” and “Emaze” to enhance the use of visual aids in their presentations. During the day of the presentation, learners encountered technical difficulties whereby the presentation could not be viewed due to corrupted file or incompatible software. Similar scenario occurred during the classroom activity when a lecturer would want to show a video.
Poor Wireless Internet Connection
A large number of useful online ICT tools require a good internet connection such as, ‘padlet’, ‘youtube’, ‘today’s meet’, ‘polleverywhere’, ‘powtoon’, ‘docstoc’, ‘twitter’, and many others. Since, the issue of poor connection, lecturers and learners are unable to explore these online ICT tools in the
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Learning in the 21st century is not restricted in traditional “bricks and mortar”. Learning occurs anytime anywhere with the advancement of technology. Research shows there are many advantages of integrating the use of ICT in education. It does not only promote autonomous learning where learners have the sense of ownership of a particular material developed for a particular lesson, but it also enhance creative and critical thinking skills. With all the ICT tools we have, our learners are able to create something we could never have imagined. A research done on Project-Based Learning Activities for Short-Term Intensive English Programs by Patrick Foss, Nathaniel Carney, Kurtis McDonald and Matthew Rooks. This research is done at Kwansei Gakuin University School of Science and Technology, Japan. A total of sixty-five students took part in this research. These students were required to work on creating an original entry for Wikipedia about the university retreat which led to investigation of local plant and animal life and also the ethical issues involved in the development of the camp facilities.
Many Polytechnic lecturers are not aware of the ICT tools that we could use in our language lesson. One of the rationales is to create awareness among the polytechnic lecturers on ICT enhanced lesson where learners are actively engaged in the activities. Apart from this, using
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