What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gas Turbine

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A gas turbine by definition is an engine in the centre of a power plant producing electric current [1]. It is also a rotary engine extracting energy from flow of combustion gas. Gas turbine is responsible for the conversion of natural gas or any other liquid fuels into mechanical energy. This energy can therefore be used to drive the generator to produce electrical energy [1-3]. Gas turbine is made up of components as shown in Figure 1 below. Figure 1: Gas turbine showing arrangements of all components
From labelled Figure 1 above, it is seen that gas turbine is made up of the shaft, compressor, combustion chamber and the turbine section. All these components of the turbine engine work closely together. Each section serve
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The above description of the gas turbine is based on the regular gas turbine operation in huge commercial industries. Micro-gas turbine, Figure 2 below, range between the size to the hand units that produce power that is less than a kilowatt, whereas the regular gas turbine produce tens to hundreds of kilowatts and are of commercial size. Micro-gas turbine have more advantages compared to conversional turbines and they have found more application in power generation, power distribution, and heat combination than conversional turbines. They are simple, robust in construction and are inexpensive…show more content…
Corrosion is the chemical reaction between the material and the surrounding environment causing it to deteriorate. In this case, corrosion occurs as a result of the reaction of the blade material and substances in the fuel from the combustor. Agents of this reaction are contents of the fuels and contamination present in the fuel and also pollution from the air entering the compressor [4]. There is a reaction between sodium and sulphur, and oxygen forming sodium sulphate. The reaction occurs as
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