What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad

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In the last century, the contemporary world has become more globalized than before. There has been a worldwide integration in different fields of life such as economic, political, business, trade, financial, and educational fields. In order to deal with this globalization, students, in all over the world, should be opened to other countries and cultures which exceed the boundary of their nation. Studying abroad, which means leaving the homeland country and pursuing the education in another country ( Dervin&Byron, 2008), could be one of the ways for the students to explore this globalized world. It has been mentioned by the Institute of International Education (IIE) that in the last two decades the number of students studying abroad worldwide has tripled (Lieb, 2016). Should students be more encouraged …show more content…

Their point of view is that it is hard for these students to be responsible for arranging money for university’s tuition fees and for their living expenses. Although that is correct to a certain extent, there are some weaknesses in this view. Firstly, students who have the intention to study abroad would put a prior financial plan with their parents. That helps them to know their budget, and to spend money according to it. Also, if there are some unexpected circumstances happen, they will be assisted financially by their parents. Secondly, some universities and schools provide full or partial scholarships for the international students (Cadd,2012). For example, University of British Columbia offers scholarships and other forms of financial aid for international students. Thirdly, many students can work part-time jobs while studying to earn money. That will help them to cover their personal expenses (Tyner,2013). There are many jobs that these students can work such as working in a restaurant, club, library, or shop

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