What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology

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In the succesful of education 4.0 its give the many benefit on the nation industry. At the previous decade, industry 1.0 is based on mechanical production equipmnet that is driven by steam power, and water power is used to create mechanical production facilities .Industry 2.0 is based on mass production enable by the division labour to produce electric power.
Industry 3.0 is based on the use of electronics and IT to further production as it used right now. Industry 4.0 based on the use of high technolgy in worldwide. Industry 4.0 making work easier and faster.

4.0 industrial revolution challenge
Lack of digital culture and training is the biggest challenge facing by companies in malaysia to implement industry 4.0. second, the lack of a clear digital operation vision and support from the leadership and top managment. …show more content…

Creation of new product and market
Using the technologies , the workers being creative and can create a new product based on the problem that have been face in society.

Disadvantages of education 4.0
The risks of losing personal information, assignment and the important information because of the hackers. Risks losing the device very high, it is because the device so expensive and have the high market in society. Education 4.0 more depends on technology, once thedevice missing the students cannot complete the task given by the educator’s. The owner of the device must be carefull and take care of the devices anywhere they go.

The cost of device very expensive depends on quality they use. The high of education level, the high cost of device will be use. Most people dont have money to buy a certain devices, requiring them to take out a loans. The cost for upgrade the system and facilities also increase , because old system cannot be use anymore and not up to date.

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