What Are The Arguments Against Animal Testing

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A. I would support experimentation with the animals in consideration, to a certain extent, on how they are being treated. It should be distributed over a broad variety of animals, within reason. I'm not opposed to killing animals if it is for science. Some of our beloved pets pass from cancer, just like our loved ones. Curing cancer would not only help humans but some animals as well. Once the experimentation is completed, whomever conducted it should try to promote the repopulation of the animal lives that were lost, especially in the event of wrong doing on too many of one species. Most animals that are tested on are rats that are bred specifically for the means of experimentation, it is a loss but not a great loss.

B. My answer would be different because cancer is a disease that can’t always be averted, alcoholism can’t always be prevented as well, but for the majority of cases it could have been. Those who suffer from alcoholism, should be treated with counseling and medical attention. More lives have been lost from cancer than from alcoholism. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few"
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Animals die everyday for science, it is what researchers do to help us get closer to making lives better. Humans should be given more information on opportunities to offer themselves as test subjects for research, in replacement of some animals. If some companies say that they do not test their products on animals, then all companies should be informed of their alternative way of testing.

D. I buy the products I know and love, if they happen to have not been tested on animals then it is a bonus. The makeup brand I rely on the most does not test on animals; therefore, I support their company and
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