What Are The Benefits Of The Year-Round Calendar On School Year-Round School

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Did you know that there is a three percent decrease in dropout rates in year-round schools? This could be very beneficial to students who might consider dropping out of highschool. With the year-round calendar, the school work would not be as overwhelming at the beginning of the school year. This is why all schools should be on the year-round calendar.
Schools on a year round schedule can prevent overcrowding. Multi-track schools can house more students because of different “track” schedules. Multi-track means while one “track” is on break, another “track” is in school. If you fill each track to its limit, you will effectively house more students than you would with the traditional school calendar. Because of this, school districts can save the money, time, and effort of building another elementary or middle school. Why is all this important? Well with the extra money, the school district can give teachers raises, or improve their already existing building. Plus, schools could possibly get more money from the extra students coming in. Even if you don’t get extra money, more students are getting the benefit of getting educated close to home.
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The different track schedules, such as the aforementioned 45-15, give students breaks between each quarter. With the 45-15 “track”, students go to school nine weeks, 45 days, and are on break for three weeks, 15 days. There are also a few scattered breaks throughout the school year. There are many benefits that come with this. The most important is probably the fact that there is less “brain drain”. Brain drain is the term for the loss of knowledge learned the previous school year over summer break. Since the breaks during the school are elongated, the summer break is shortened. This cuts down on the brain
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