What Are The Challenges Of Grand Cinema

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Grand Cinema ‘s challenges There are several things Grand Cinema wants and should challenge or dare themselves if they want to survive in this business which listed below.
- Expanding customer range including children, teenagers, and adults
Grand Cinema focuses only Thai movie fan as their main target’s customer, so they decide to expand target customer range because the cinema already has many facilities which meet the wants of various customers.

- Invoking Thai traditional and historical film trends by displaying with modern screen There are several Thai movies did not screen on the present movie screening system and many of present Thai movie do not have quality enough to attract audience interest, so displaying famous Thai movies
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The reason behind is it is an old film, so by displaying it again in the cinema may catch interest of new generation viewers.

- Implementing an information system to help keep track of daily activity
Nowadays, Grand Cinema still keeps daily activity track by human, so the fault could be occurring. Moreover, the data is not online, so updating and editing each branch data are impossible to apply immediately.

- Providing ease of purchasing the booked ticket
Customer have to purchase the booked ticket via online or calling by paying at the counter or taking the photo of transaction slip which are inconvenient. If the online banking can implement as one of payment methods, this will provide more convenience to the customer who cannot buy the ticket at cinema’s front. In conclusion, there are many challenges Grand Cinema dare to do, so if they can complete all of these challenges, Grand Cinema will get more customer and income and inner management will be more effective and efficient.

Grand Cinema ‘s problems There are many problems that occur in the Grand Cinema working process which need to be solved as followings.
- Keeping day by day activities track by a human
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