What Are The Challenges Of Moving To Los Angeles

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My Parents both migrated from mexico. My mom is from Morelos and my dad is from Jalisco mexcio. My brother and I were born in California. My Mom Moved to the United sates when she was about 17 years old. My dad moved to the United states when he was about 10 years old. My parent both meet here in the California and had me and my little brother.

The issue that made my mom decide to move to Los angeles was money my mom wanted to work and get pay well. Another reason why my mom moved to Los angeles was because my aunt lived here and she want to live with my aunt. The issue that made my dad decide to move to Los angeles is that he didn’t decide to move but my grandparents because he was to young to decide wheither he wanted to move or not.

The obstacle that my mom faced when coming to los angeles was not being able to pass the border without being caught. She have to try about 6 times before she finally made in to the United States and then she move into los angeles. This is the obstacles the my mom faced. My Dad didn’t face any obsticles to get to Los Angeles …show more content…

An issue that concerns me about living in los angeles is the violence that is around us it’s a nice place to live in but there is to much violence which makes me and my family sort of iffy about living in los angeles. Another issue is that, there is to much gangs which cause their to be shottings in the area.Benifits of living in los angeles is being around my other family members(aunts, uncles,cousins ect.) and my parents are around people from the same region as

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