What Are The Cultural Differences Between China And India

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The early civilizations of China and India emerged prior to 600 BCE in what is known today as the continent of Asia. With the Himalayan mountains in between them, these civilizations developed in isolation from one another, and yet still managed to produce kingdoms with continuous growing populations to this day. Individual growth and development amongst the people stimulated technological inventions, increased the chances of survival and lead to: greater agricultural production, strong armies, and expansion. Eventually these commodities and other luxury items produced will be traded, spurring the economic growth of both civilizations. Overall, these early stages of development not only furthered contact amongst these two great empires, allowing for cultural diffusion, but also set the foundation for future generations to follow. While China and India’s growing kingdoms took place in different parts of the world, the foundation of their economies developed similarly in structure, and also acquired distinctive cultural differences over time as well. China and India’s economic structures were remotely similar because they were adapted to accommodate the people’s needs. Like most agricultural societies at the time, early Chinese and Indian civilizations centered around river valleys such as the Huang He (in present-day China) and Indus (in present-day India) rivers, which featured fertile land and plenty of water used to grow food and expand the population along the river.

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