What Are The Harmful And Harmful Effects Of Caffeine Alcohol?

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1. What are the risks of mixing caffeine alcohol? The caffeine mixed with the alcohol can be risky by feeling more alert and be in harm. It can also affect your heart. Then it can also increase you sugar level. But, it can give you a heart attack by all the sugar. Then it can also be harm your kids if you are pregnant. Then it can also give you an overdose.

2. What are the harmful and beneficial effects of caffeine? It can take part in type two diabetes. Then it can increase your heart pressure. Then it can give you breast cancer. But, it can give you effects in your future. Then it can give you restlessness more information on

3. Is caffeine an addictive drug, and should it be regulated? It can be addictive, but it can’t harm you like the way alcohol does. It cannot be regulated. Then it can be regulated if you drink it once a week. Then it can also it can affect you in ways you never thought it can harm you like, increase heart pressure and more stuff.

4. How does caffeine affect health? It can lead into insomnia, irritability, restlessness, a fast heartbeat, an upset stomach, nervousness, and even muscle tremors if you drink up to 500-600 mg of caffeine. 5. What are the effects of caffeine on

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