What Are The Pros And Cons Of Charismatic Leadership

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Pros and Cons of the Charismatic Leadership
Pros of Charismatic Leadership
Usually in the work environment it is more pleasant for employees to work with a manager or boss who has the verbal and listening skills. If a manager or a leader has the communication skill and they are able to use the skill to make the employees feel important and a part of successful organization will help to motivate them towards the better performance and productivity in the organization. Charismatic leaders motivate and encourage the employees even if the situation is worst and supports them (Faber, 2016).Charismatic leaders in an organization is like a catalyst that brings positive social changes, simply by inspiring followers to work together to achieve a common …show more content…

Cons of Charismatic Leadership
There are many potential drawbacks when we use the charismatic leadership style. For instance; reliance on the leader is one of the disadvantages. A charismatic leader is able to motivate and inspire the employees, but it also increases the chances that the employees completely rely on the leader. The employees associate the success of the company with the leader, and do not value the contribution of the employees in the success of the company. So the leader is pressurized with the responsibility of both management and motivation of employees (Frost, 2017).
In charismatic leadership many employees draws perception that the leader is serving her or himself to achieve the goals and do not have enough thought towards the employees intentions (Frost, 2017). In order to be a charismatic leader, individual should work too much to make the employees understand regarding the best intentions, and in this situation having only charisma is not considered enough to influence. Many times employees gets the perception that a charismatic leader serves only him or her and actually do not care about the employees or company’s welfare (Frost, …show more content…

But how can a charismatic leader motivates others to follow and how can others effect on the leader to lead. Once again it is leader and followers exchange relationship.
According to Howell, “without followers, there are plainly no leaders or leadership” (2006). Furthermore, followers are more important because if they do not follow, there is not leader (Howell, 2006). Howell mentioned that in order to understand the process of leadership it is important to explore the behavior of the followers (2006). He also added that in many followers perception a charismatic leader has a “heroic” personality and capable to persuade followers in a group or organization(Howell, 2006).The followers believe that their leader has power and ability or think him or her mighty (Howell, 2006). While this is exaggeration in the perception and this can also lead in a very different and wrong path. If a leader’s vision is negative, than the followers will follow without any questions and their actions can have worst consequences on followers (Conger,

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