What Are The Seven Elements Of Art

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One piece of artwork that I did that has all the seven elements of art was my animal watercolor painting. The seven elements of art are line, shape, color, value, form , texture, and space. Somethings that these elements help with are make the artwork more realistic. It can also help how realistic the details are and how it looks three dimensional. The first element I used was line. Line helps you make a outline of what you are trying to make. Line is the edges of a figure and it can be made with a pen or pencil. A line can help how realistic you artwork can look. If you make a line that is behind you figure at a certain angle it can make the shape seem real. Line is very important to a drawing because it can show a lot of detail. Another element that can help a piece of artwork is shape. Shape is a area enclosed by …show more content…

Texture can also help your artwork feel more realistic. I used texture in my watercolor by painting little hairs on the wolf's body to show how it might feel. It might feel like a furry rug or soft hair. Texture can help with your artwork because it can help the viewer imagine the object in their mind. The final element is space. Space can help show where the object is and you can also tell the setting from the space around it. Space can also help your artwork because it can give detail about the story behind of the artwork. In my watercolor painting the the space I used was to show the the wolf was all by itself. It also shows how the land is barren and their is nothing on it.
The Seven Elements of Art can help your pieces of artwork. Some examples of elements that can help are texture. Texture can help by helping the viewer imagine how the object feels. Another element that can help us form. Form can help your drawing feel more three dimensional. All the seven elements help your artwork feel more realistic and help improve your art

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