Art/101 Week 1 Reflection

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Through this film I can relate quite a few experiences, and feelings that I’ve felt as a creator in my own life. Throughout my life I feel that there have been a multiple times where.As an artist and a person, I felt like my ideas and valued haven’t been supported. Just like the artists and creatures in the film. While this is never a good thing, I think it’s important. Not only because it makes you stronger, but because it makes people want to support and respect your ideas more. The only way to gain recognition is through endurance and persistence. You have to take and accept criticism, but you have to also stick to your original idea and it’s influences while doing it. Having endurance was something that I felt the films went over well that I could relate to on a personal level. …show more content…

Is the inspiration for that concept. A lot of the time my inspirations work as a sort of framework for my idea, and I can’t get through a project without them. A lot of the time a piece will focus on a certain mode and feeling, and because of this certain sources of inspiration I feel. Will change the look of your art, and how it feels. So I feel my influences have helped me by giving me a clarity as to what I want with my own piece, and how I’ll achieve that while being my own artist. Which ultimately helps my art become more vibrant. While also getting through the design process

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