What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Delta Airlines

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Q3 - OE_Strengths
What do you see as Delta’s particular strengths?
"They have an excellent management team, an excellent strategy. They communicate well with shareholders. They hold themselves to a high degree of transparency. There are other company-specific things that they do well. They have very strong margins, returns and they seem very disciplined at maintaining those margins and returns. Generally speaking that should make for a good investment."
Q4 - OE_Weaknesses
What do you see as Delta’s particular weaknesses?
"From time to time Delta management seems conceited. They know they're the best and they act like they're the best. They are the opposite of humble, which is sometimes off-putting. They could gather more shareholders by …show more content…

"Run the best airline in terms of operating performance. Deliver on customer promises so that the customer decides to fly with Delta first, and before anyone else. Run the airline to achieve the proper payers commensurate with the service that they provide. Delta really seems like they want a go-to airline in the marketplace for primarily business travelers, but also leisure travelers as well. And do all that in a safe and highly profitable manner." …show more content…

Right now they're all cheap and they've got easy comparisons in Q2, and probably easy comparisons in the third quarter. Fuel is weakening. Those are all on the plus side of the ledger. I don't doubt that they can deliver on second quarter numbers and third quarter numbers. I'm not going to forecast out to the fourth quarter. I have high hopes but that's not a forecast. Relative to other industrials, which is sort of what I cover, there are other sectors that have slightly, what I could call, more exciting investment theses. Delta is at a 4 right now. That's not to say that you couldn't survey me two months from now and I could change my mind and have that number be

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