What Are The Three Levels Of Management

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According Henri Fayol theory of management, Management is the process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling in order for the organization to achieve its goal effectively and efficiently. Technically there are three levels of management in an organization. The first is the operation level also known as low level management, the second is Tactical management which is also called as middle level management and lastly is the strategic management as called top level management.
Starting with operation level management (low level management). Lower management in a business generally oversees the performance of employees working on line tasks in managerial positions such as foreman and supervisor. Operation management looks upon the workers who are making the actual product. For example here at Africa University the head of department looks after lectures who teach and in touch with students who are the actual products, basically operation management is the first line in management. There are several roles of the operation management and here are the key role.
• Since the executives at this level are in direct touch with the rank and file of workers, in accordance with their limited authority their role is to direct and control workers (employees).
• Secondly lower level management informs the workers about the decisions which are taken by the …show more content…

Data management activities form the foundation for many activities that business perform. Computers make it possible for low level managers to organize and manipulate massive amounts of information productively. For example some corporations use SQL Server databases to oversee data operations while smaller businesses might take advantage of the data manipulation features in applications such as Microsoft Access. Like mention above operation managers are responsible for controlling and directing

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