What Building A Coalition Means

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In this Case Study we deal with several different issues. First we must define what building a coalition means. Coalition can be defined as a group or groups of people joined together for a common purpose. Building a Coalition in this case study simply means persons coming together (Washington D.C. school district and Woodson Foundation) to be on one accord for the betterment of the students in Washington, D.C. Public school system. There are several issues with the Washington D.C. public school system, like other schools, D.C. schools have been declining in student performance for years. A few of the issues are truancy, low student performance and crime. Just when a new, up and coming teacher or faculty member gets there, they tend to burn out as they are met with harsh realities in the classroom. (Robbins & Judge, 2012)
Part 1
Group Development
There are 5 stages in the development process of a group and each one plays an important role as you progress into becoming a completely functional group.
1. Forming Stage – The group is starting to form.
2. Storming Stage –Intragroup conflict, resist constraints
3. Norming Stage –Relationships develop, demonstrate cohesiveness
4. Performing Stage –Fully functional, performing the task at hand.
5. Adjourning Stage –for temporary groups, wrapping up activities.
I believe the group is at a standstill in the forming stage, “each group has its own interests, and in some cases these are directly opposed to one another”

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