What Causes, And Effects Of The World Without Torture?

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So we know that confinement took a great toll on the people, so what about the people chained to the walls? How were their minds and lives effected? “What makes torture such a heinous crime is the fact that its impact goes far beyond the immediate physical or psychological pain. Torture can have serious long-term physical and mental health consequences for the victims.” (WWT 3) When looking across multiple symptoms of the effects of torture I came to see 6 things come across nearly everytime. World Without Torture (WWT) has an entire site about the how’s, when’s, and effects of torture. Anger, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Emotional Numbing and avoidance, Hyperarousal, and one that may not apply directly to any of these patients, sexual dysfunction. Maybe the last would apply to those chained to the walls, nude, cold, and hungry. To be mocked by strangers, possibley by familiar foes, had to be a little more than tramatizing. This could result in a discomfort dealing with themselves or another person. Anger seemed to develop easily between the pateints. Those put on display would often throw the urns (used as tolitrey) as gaurds or passerby, drenching them in urine. This anger would also cause all, if not most, remiaining family and friends to become inpatient with the victum, and eventaully leave them to fend for themselves. Anxiety can show it’s form in many ways, some may not even know that it’s there until tey recive their first panic attack. This could be something as

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