What Causes Homelessness? The United States Of America

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What causes homelessness?
Homelessness is a major problem in the United States of America. Homelessness is a state in which people do not have a place to stay in for a period of time and are always spending their time on the streets. From a teenage eluding a bad environment, to an elderly citizen on a fine tuned income that is not enough to cover a rent or the tax increase, to a child whose parents lost their job out of nowhere and became unemployed are what leads to homelessness (“Homelessness Resource Center” 1). Firstly the minimum wage being one of the main factors leading to homelessness, put a lot of people out of homes. Aimee Molloy states the homeless people who do work do not get enough money to cover their basic needs (55). Based on the current minimum wage, the regular income earned by a full-time employee is almost equal to eighty five percent of the estimated poverty line for a family of three. Even though the minimum wage is just one reason why people are homeless, the limited employment opportunities has caused many low skilled workers to not be able to find jobs due to the fact that many companies are developing into high-tech industries and the job scope for high tech industries are not for the homeless. In this 21st century, employers and companies are not looking to hire homeless people due to the fact that the homeless are not up to speed with technology and the industries are not for low-skilled workers. (Molloy 57) Another cause

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