What Causes Personal Relationships Can Succeed Or Fail?

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What Causes Personal Relationships to Succeed or Fail?
The world is filled with people in search of love and that perfect someone who will meet all their hearts desire. People are bombarded on a daily basis through a variety of platforms by companies and people who claim to have the solution to helping them find that one true love. Many people are having difficulty in finding and keeping a successful relationship and are now taking their search for that perfect someone online to the seemingly hundreds of online relationship websites that offer a range of options and preferences to fit all requirements. With the world currently recording its largest human population in recorded history, one would assume that people would have little difficulty in finding a partner and have a successful relationship; however, this does not appear to be the case as a larger portion of the population appears to be single and in search of love. With countless experts offering varying opinions on what causes personal relationships to succeed or fail with data to support in most cases, it becomes clear there is no single solution to this query. After carefully considering the opinions of several experts, it can be deducted that there is indeed a considerably wide range of factors that impact the success or failure of a relationship. (claim of cause)
I. Of all the opinions out there in relation to having a successful personal relationship, the most popular opinion still remains the idea that love is

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