Essay on What Classifies as Common Knowledge in Science and History

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Knowledge goes beyond the regurgitation or memorization of facts, and knowledge claims can either be justified with experience or simply an understanding. Different areas of knowledge have different methods to either build or falsify knowledge, as the method of justification differs between these areas of knowledge. There are perspectives to support building facts around knowledge, while disagreeing with the neglect of facts that were previously held as knowledge. These perspectives collectively create opposition for the areas of knowledge, science and history. Both science and history are subject to changes in knowledge for facts may sometimes be discarded, built upon, or distorted to prove an opinion or theory. This does not necessarily …show more content…

Science has set values that must be upheld in the process of developing knowledge and as long as these values are maintained the facts will be accepted as knowledge.
In my life as a student, I encounter countless natural science theories that failed the test of time and have either been improved or refuted. The most well known example of this is the atomic structure in Chemistry. John Dalton developed the first atomic theory and postulated that all matter was composed of atoms. He unfortunately believed that atoms of the same element were of all the same mass and charge, which was later tested and disproved by the scientist Ernest Rutherford to later be built on by Neils Bohr. These experiments have proven that due to conclusive evidence and constant criticism, scientific principles are subject to change and may be discarded. In this case, depending on your perception, John Dalton’s theories may have been unnecessary or may continue coexist with those of Bohr and Rutherford as he is known as the founding father of atomic structure. Learning about the constant revision of scientific theories promotes open mindedness towards science and constant inquiry. Using the scientific method, science is able to answer the question why, and with this explain the nature of things, which creates much opposition with different ideologies. In the constant quest for the truth, science is justified in redefining its pillars, which in this case is knowledge because

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