What Did Edison Make The Changed And Impacted The World Today?

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Thomas Edison Today people are using many conveniences that come from the inventors in 1880 's and 1890 's. And Thomas Edison is one of the famous inventor. So many of Edison 's inventions are held in such a high regard that he is considered the greatest inventor of all time. The New York World, in 1901, called Edison "Our Greatest Living American, The Foremost Creative and Constructive Mind of This Country, Our True National Genius." Edison was a successful manufacturer and business. What did Edison make the changed and impacted the world today? In 1868, When Edison was twenty-two years old. He invented an electrical vote recorder and he got his first patent for it. The purpose of an electrical vote recorder was to helping legislators in US Congress record their votes in quicker than the voice vote system. To make this vote recorder to work was to connect a voting device to a clerk 's desk where the names of the legislators were embedded. The legislators would move a switch to either yes or no. The wheels that said yes or no kept track of the votes and showed the final results. Edison also created the world 's first industrial research laboratory known as "The Wizard of Menlo Park," for the New Jersey town. Edison’s goal was always want to create a small invention every ten days and a big invention every six months (Thomas Edison’s Research Laboratory). Edison wasn 't obsessed with self-promotion and public relations. Partially deaf and more at home in his laboratory
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