What Did The Collapse Of The Mayan Civilization

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Introduction The Mayan civilization was situated in the lowlands of present-day Guatemala. During the 6th century, the society was at its best as it prospered in different aspects of life. It comprised of approximately 19 million people. Their calendar-making skills, poetry, and agricultural skills are some of the most outstanding achievements of the civilization. Their artwork and architecture were also exceptional. However, the cities and other areas of residence of the Mayan people were abandoned by the 900 A.D. It is not easy to explain what led to the collapse of this highly advanced civilization in such a short period. Their impressive numbers and superior skills could not have allowed them to fail as a society in such a short time. Currently, their descendants are still found in Mexico, Guatemala, and other countries in the Americas. However, their former glory is a distant memory that remains a mystery. The most probable explanation as to what led to the collapse of the Mayan in a period of fewer than 100 years is unfavorable environmental factors such as the onset of drought, deterioration in the quality of soils, and other forms of climatic change.
Environmental Factors Research has shown that the appearance of severe drought caused the decline of the Mayan civilization. The Mayans had managed to build a huge and well-organized society that heavily depended on agriculture for their growth and development. At the time, the weather was excellent, and agriculture

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