What Do You Do? Plato 's Advice

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Imagine you are forced to make a decision between the love of your life or your family’s expectations that have shaped you as you grew. What do you do? Plato’s advice is too simply: “Know oneself” However, how can one possibly know oneself, if so much of that one is defined from their family? My great great grandmother Elizabeth Cecelia Hughley Gallagher was forced to make the exact decision, and she faced the decision with courage and self-resilience in herself. Although ancestry has a long history and a history of trials and resilience in their trials, my great grandmother Elizabeth Cecelia Gallagher had obvious struggles that are relatable to today including, the struggle in having courage to stand for oneself or settling for family…show more content…
The clan settled in Willington Delaware, and Elizabeth was baptized on August 20, 1876 in St. Peter’s church. The Hughley’s were always very religious and firmly believed in tradition. As a child Elizabeth went to school and grew up in a very catholic household. Elizabeth was provided with guidance and helped her to create dreams for her future. Family expectations is something every functioning family possess, in general they are looked at as helpful for shaping a child. As a child you need guidance, and without guidance you would grow up without any guidelines causing confusing at a young age. The universal theme of expectations is well accepted and the universal theme that expectations could be considered as a hindrance in one’s life is universal as well. As Elizabeth neared adult hood and lived as an obedient child and faithful servant, Elizabeth would be faced with a decision that would change her life. Bernard Francis Gallagher was born in 1866 in Donegal Ireland and had moved into town, immigrating around 1886. Bernard was a charming, handsome, talented dancer, who had made Elizabeth fall head over heels for him. Every girl loves an accent and Bernard’s sweet Irish tone was no exception. Bernard was a heaping ten years old than seventeen year old Elizabeth, but the two feel in love, and within a year decided to get married. However, Elizabeth’s parents who were strong Irish Catholics were incredibly upset when they discovered their baby was willing to
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