What Do You Hope?

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• • What do you hope to learn through your participation in program?
My ambition from this program is to learn how to work with people that are not from the United States. London is one of the biggest international cities in the world and it is most likely I will be working with people that are from different countries. This will benefit me by the time I graduate from college and settling into my job, I will be dealing with the situation where I will be working with a person that is not from the country I grew up in.

• What is your concept of cross-cultural respect? What does it mean to you, and what are some ways you might demonstrate your understanding of it while abroad?
My concept of a cross- cultural respect is to respect other people’s lifestyles. Everybody lives a different lifestyle and by attending this program, it will give me the respect to the people that goes through this process on a daily basis. Some of the things that will give me the cross- cultural respect are by staying in the hostel around Europe. By staying in a hostel, I will experience how the host treats us like we are their family.

• You will be in class for several hours every day and have daily homework. How will you balance your desire to explore London and other European countries with the need to study?
After I receive my syllabus on the first few days of classes, I will schedule the countries I have the desire to visit in Europe through my available times in my studies. If I have a

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