What Does Being A Lutheran Mean To You Essay

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It is difficult for me to put into words what being a Lutheran means to me. I believe that if you believe in God you will go to Heaven, no matter how many mistakes you've made. As a Lutheran we believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirt. We believe that he rose on the third day. We believe that when we go to heaven we will see Jesus Christ seated at the right hand of the father. We believe that grace is Gods gift to us, we don't need to earn or win it from him it's just given to us. In my fist year of confirmation it was a lot to take in, going from raider material to more intense material. It kinda scared me at first, starting to realize what God means to me and how he affects my life. Every year of confirmation I gained more knowledge about myself and how God was always with me. We believe that God made everything, and …show more content…

The most I've seen God at work is in Detroit at the National Youth Gathering. Before the trip I really didn't know what to expect, but I feel like God was with me, guiding me through out the whole trip. I saw God's work when all thirty thousand of us gathered together. It was cool to see how God could bring us all together. I also saw God's work when we went out to do our service project. We cleaned up boarded houses, and made the neighborhoods look cleaner and nicer. I feel like God is always at work in everyone's lives everyday, whether it's small or big. I was also very fortunate to attend a mission trip to Boston two years ago. That was my first time going on a trip to serve people out of my community. I saw God at work everyday I was there. After going on these trips it made me realize that two hours a week to dedicate to God is barely anything, and I feel like I should be giving him more of my time. After theses five years of confirmation I feel like I understand God better. My faith journey might be tough, and confusing at times. But I know God will lead me and help me throughout the

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