What Does Depression Mean?

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What does depression mean?
When you hear the word depression you think of being down or sad, but you don’t usually think of it as a mental illness or disease. In today’s society we hide depression from others because we feel it is not acceptable to be sad, or to let others know that we have faults. Depression is a darkness that can overwhelm you, it can take your happiness away and replaces it with negative thoughts. Many people use depression to attract attention, which gives depression a bad reputation. Depression is not just a sad feeling or an attention seeker like society thinks, it is a mental illness that is common in many Americans, makes it difficult to live in a normal way, can be life threatening, and with the proper help is …show more content…

It is impossible to do your homework when you can’t concentrate one subject for more than two minutes. According to Ahlostrom, Skarsater and Danielson, the effects of depression is mostly the same for male and females. Women usually have more trouble in insomnia, lack of energy and also anxiety. Women also have problems in family life and social life functions, while men report problems in focusing (285).
Second, Depression is a mental illness that is unusually common in many Americans. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, in the United States major depression is a typical medical condition. “Each year about 6.7% of U.S adults experience major depressive disorder. Women are 70 % more likely than men to experience depression during their lifetime.” Many white Americans are more likely to get depression than black citizens. Around the age of 30 is the most common age for depression, but kids and young adults can suffer from it, also (NIMH). Many are surprised by this number because our society does not talk or share anything about depression. By realizing that there is others out there that are going through the same thing can help.
Third, Depression is a mental illness that is life threatening. Many serious cases can lead to thoughts of suicide or self-harm. We think that we can handle depression ourselves so we don’t reach out for medical help. We are afraid that we will be

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