What Does It Mean For The Social Work Field?

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What does it mean to be in the social work field? This is an important question to ask someone who is deciding to join the social work profession. Personally, I believe that my career goals align with the mission of the social work profession, along with the Graduate College of Social Work (GCSW) school mission. An individual who commits themselves to the social work profession joins this field in order to improve and enlighten individuals (NASW, 2017). A professional in social work desires to support others through their work. Social workers may help individuals by supplying the skills and resources for their clients to survive on a daily basis (NASW, 2017). As a social worker, I would take the difficulties my clients would have, and …show more content…

Recently in June 2016, I volunteered at the Methodist Children’s Home of Costa Rica. I spent 10 days socializing with young children and adolescents. Playing games with the children, and singing songs in their native language was just some of the activities I participated in. My time in Costa Rica was also spent at two other sites where we interacted with different children. While in Costa Rica I also helped construct a 10-foot-tall concrete wall and multi-recreational facility at the Methodist Children’s Home of Costa Rica. Wow! What a task that was. Physically building and working to construct protection for the children was a huge demanding task. Looking back now it was worth the effort I put into the project. Just like building the wall, graduate school will be a huge task for me to complete. However, I know that I can finish graduate school and will drive myself to do the best that I can in my studies. It was an honor to provide my assistance in a new country and gain valuable information about a new culture. It was interesting to see how these children whom had been neglected most of their life could open up their hearts for a few short days to total strangers. Being able to help others with the skills I have learned just from undergraduate school at University of Houston was a great advantage to me while volunteering in Costa Rica. I would appreciate the opportunity to continue helping individuals, families, and communities on a greater

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