What Does It Mean To Be A Procrastinator?

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As time goes on there is only room for improvement. As this semester has proven, improving as a person is difficult, but it is rewarding. Before beginning college, time management, responsibility, and positivity were lacking within my personality. Thankfully, these skills were obtained before my college career extended any further.
If there is one word that describes myself during my high school years, it is as a procrastinator. Procrastination devoured my mind for several years and left terrible habits behind. Too many were the situations where I found myself rushing through assignments that were meant to be looked at profoundly. Besides losing sleep, my academic scores would suffer because of his friendship with procrastination. It would not be until the last year of high school that I began his path of detaching himself from procrastinating. When I began college, my excitement overwhelmed my bad habits and in a blink of an eye my procrastination habit was gone. Honestly, the bad habits disappeared due to my drive for a successful future. Somewhere deep down I knew that I had to drop my procrastination habits or I would struggle in college. I am very proud to say that I no longer procrastinate in …show more content…

However, there are two sides to it. Positivity is not a magical occurrence that allows even the dullest individuals to succeed, but rather an add-on to raw talent. Positivity gives hope that the situation will be overcome and that no matter the outcome, it will be livable. There were moments during high school where it seemed unbearable and impossible, but with a positive attitude and the will to go on I succeeded. This occurred again when I began college. I was so lost during the first day, I even questioned if I belonged in college because it seemed impossible. By staying positive and giving college a try, I figured that I truly did belong there and to this day it is the path that will lead to my

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