What Does Personality Predicts Employee Performance?

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To what extent does personality predicts employee performance. The purpose of this essay is to inform individuals of the extent to which an individual’s personality can affect their performance as an employee. Research on personality has recently shown the versatility of using personality traits for predicting job performance. Proof from Barrick & Mount(1991); Hough(1992); Salgado (1997); Tett, Jackson & Rothstein (1991) all confirm that personality traits are definitely linked with work performance, with some traits such as ‘extraversion’ predicting success across different jobs. Other traits are linked with specific outcomes or specific jobs. For example, conscientiousness links with success in jobs such as sales and management as well as with training performance. However, very little research has examined the mechanism through which personality traits influence performance.In this essay I will be looking at these traits and talking about how they can predict an employee’s performance. I will also be exploring the big five different personality types and linking these to the performance of an employee. To begin with, I am going to define personality: “Personality has something to do with individual differences between people in performance patterns, awareness and emotion. Different personality theorists present their own definitions of the word based on their own theoretical positions. The big five-factor model is the leading approach for demonstrating the human trait

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