What Does Religion Mean To Me Essay

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The thing that strikes me the most is the fact that Jesus would have become man even if Original Sin didn’t enter our lives (Benedict XVI). It makes me feel really loved when I think about the fact that God wanted to come to us even if we didn’t fall. It shows that he loves us when we are good and bad. God planned to send his son to save us from our sins and give us eternal life because of his love for us (John 3:16). Another thing that strikes me is that even though it may seem like God is angry and demanding, he actually isn’t. God wanted to give us salvation, but the death of his son was not a ransom for this (Article). I never realized that God was willing to do anything to save us and share eternal life with us because of how much he loves us. I learned that God became human not only to save us from sin but to also show and teach us how to love others. I never thought of the Incarnation in that way, so it changed how I view the relationship between God and Jesus. God wants to show us how to treat others by Jesus’s example while saving us from sin at the same time. …show more content…

Jesus didn’t come to us just to take away our sins. He came to be a model to us of how to love others and teach us how to be holy. Without Jesus, we would not know how to love others or be forgiven of our mistakes. I also didn’t know that the Incarnation helps us to share in his divinity (CCC 460). Jesus brings us closer to God by opening heaven up for us. We can have eternal life because of the death of Jesus and that makes me feel loved. Even though we make mistake after mistake, God wants to spend forever with us because he created us in love. I learned that Jesus made eternal life in heaven with God available and taught us how to get there through his

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