What Does Sequoyah 's Life Story Tell You About Him And The Cherokee People? Essay

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1. What does Sequoyah’s life story tell you about him and the Cherokee people? The story of Sequoyah’s life demonstrates how the Cherokee people weren’t barbaric but they were fascinated in the white people’s technology. Some of the traits of the Cherokee people: Determination Proudness Open mindedness 2. Where were the Cherokee homelands and why did immigrants and others want those lands for themselves? Across the Appalachian Mountains from Kentucky to Alabama was the homelands of the Cherokee in sort of a half or semicircle, they liked it because that area had ideal fertile soil for crops, and a good source of water. The immigrants desired what the Cherokee people had. Very soon searches occurred by other immigrants to find gold. 3. What were the reasons given for removing Native Americans from their lands in 1830? What does the author say was the real cause for their removal? Given Reason The Native Americans were told that West of the Mississippi was more peaceful and it had solitude and that they should live there instead Real Reason Greed was the actual cause of their transfer Chapters 25: A Time to Weep Summary: Contrary to Indians’ wishes and U.S. law, one Indian nation after another was moved west. Andrew Jackson, with popular opinion behind him, ruled the day. Vocabulary Trail of Tears - The route which several tribes of Native Americans were forced to walk, they didn’t want to leave their homes so they shed many tears Questions 4. Why is

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