What Does The Imagination Fantasize As The Ideal Hero?

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What does the imagination fantasize as the ideal hero? Does it feature a man or woman flying through the endless blue sky with a red cape? Or is it a young boy with a thunderbolt scar carved into his forehead? Maybe it is a knight in glittering armor leading his or her army into battle on a white stallion? Could it be a person dressed in camouflage dodging bullets and car bombs as he or she advances on the front lines? Or a perfect prince only found within the pages of fairy tales?
The theme of heroism is a subjective concept dependent on an individual’s values and morals. It is a notion that is influenced by stereotypes and fiction in order to create an ideal role model to follow. People who are heroes are considered to be: chivalrous, compassionate, selfless, brave, courageous, physically and mentally strong, just, fearless, and much more. Essentially, it is a societal concept based on a collective judgment of someone’s actions on a day-to-day basis or in a time of need. By declaring a person a “hero”, society immortalizes the person’s deeds as valiant and thus creates a model by which to follow. However, it is uncommon to find a hero who agrees with society’s ruling. In order to achieve the status of a hero, a person must sacrifice something dear to him or her. Regardless if the sacrifice is mental, physical, or spiritual, the price of it takes a toll on the hero’s sanity.
Literature is the medium by which the creative storylines of heroes’ flow freely from the

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