What Does Theatre Mean to Me

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Being an FSB student it is compulsory for me to choose any global course every trimester. Even in the second trimester, I had an option of choosing theatre as my global course. But since only limited students could enroll on first come first serve basis I did not get to take theatre as my global course. In this trimester, the moment I came up with the course “theatre” in the global course list I was enthralled and decided to enroll for this course.
It was my luck or I would say a second chance which was standing just for me. I was overwhelmed to learn an art form that could bring out an actor in me. It was a golden opportunity to learn something unusual and I dint want to lose it. So I decided to enroll …show more content…

They introduce us to a world where we always wanted to be and make a profound impact on the audience.
Initially, I thought it would be easy to act. After joining the class I realized that the real difficulty lies in making the audience understand the plot through various

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