What Employees Desire From Their Employer

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Employee Retention Article Overview The article I chose discusses how there are many misconceptions on what employees desire from their employer. Many employers believe that retaining employees is solely based upon providing a competitive compensation package. However, it does play a significant factor with “maintaining and retaining a suitable work force” (Longest & Darr, 2008, p. 451). Employees prefer to have other components in his or her place of employment as well. Employers that fail to provide what employees are seeking may result in a high employer turnover rate, which may begin to affect the company’s revenue negatively. This article was interesting to me because we have recently lost two medical assistants, which would not be such a big problem if they both did not take positions working for the physician that left our practice in March to take over a family practice. Article Analysis The article discusses other pertinent areas that employers tend to ignore when it comes to ensuring his or her employee retention. It has become apparent that a competitive benefits package does not safeguard the company against an employee seeking employment elsewhere. According to Newman (2015), employers need to “make an initiative to connect an employee’s role and deliverables to the bigger company-wide mission” (para 3). Employees do not want to simply do a job and go home. They want to know that their part is making a difference such as in the health care industry.
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