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Marisol Martinez is a recruiter for BASF Corporation for the last six years; however, she has been working in Human Resources for seventeen years all together. BASF stands for Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik, they are a German company and per their website; they create chemistry through the power of connected minds. By balancing economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility, they build a more sustainable future through chemistry. As the world’s leading chemical company, they help customers in nearly every industry meet the current and future needs of society through science and innovation. Through a detailed interview with Mrs. Martinez, she was able to provide interesting and specific information about her …show more content…

Her afternoons are for calling an applicant that fit the criteria of positions. If interviews are scheduled, they are done all in one day, as a panel interview (HR, Manager and Engineer) every 30 minutes with a 15 break in between to review and candidate. Since we were talking about interviews I asked about how she approaches interviews, what is her game plan and what is she trying to find out; she mentioned that they have a panel interview and all questions are pre-selected by managers. Every interviewer is asked the same question. Every panel member asks the same question. Only variations are if the answer might require additional questions to get to the root of the answer. They are behavior based questions. After all interviews are conducted they, mangers, make a final decision. Identify, Attract and Retain Candidates One constant trend throughout many organizations if not all is the struggle in finding qualified candidates to fill job openings. Not only is it difficult to recruit skilled workers, but also to retain them. Going back to my parent’s work experience, companies expected job loyalty, but today, I noticed and read stories of employees accepting other job offers only weeks after being hired. I wonder if people have changed or is it that employers are not able to satisfy employees. To completive and win the battle for workforce share, organizations should rethink their strategies to effectively recruit, motivate, and retain committed employees.

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