What Extracurricular Activities Would You Be A Part Of The Golf Program

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5. What extracurricular activities would you like to consider being involved in during Student Teaching 2. (Extracurricular activities are not expected during Student Teaching 1.)?
During Student Teaching 2, there are a couple of different extracurricular activities that I would like to be involved with. First, I would love to be a part of the golf program in some way. One of my professional goals in the future is to become a high school golf coach, and the experience I could receive with this throughout student teaching would be incredible. Second, I would be interested in helping with after-school tutoring programs. Any extra hands-on experience I receive will help me become better prepared for my future.

6. What are some of the reasons you have chosen a career in education?
Thinking back, I vividly remember always dreaming about pursing a career in education. As I’ve gotten older, I have begun to realize why exactly this profession has excited me for so many years. First, I love learning, and I want to spread this passion and enjoyment to my students. It is my mission to show them that learning can be fun, interactive, and truly life changing. Learning is something you do your entire life, and I want to equip my students with the proper skills and resources to be successful in this journey. Second, I have always thoroughly enjoyed helping others. By taking the initiative and seeking out opportunities, I want to form relationships with each of my students, finding ways

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