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Personal Vision Statement of Educational Leadership
Jacquelyn Ewart
Brandman University, EDAU 710
June 12, 2015

“You haven’t taught until they have learned.” – John Wooden
Sitting in a classroom during the first course for my Administrative Credential, I still clearly recall the moment when I first heard that quote. I had been a classroom teacher for over ten years and yet I had not necessarily thought of or articulated teaching and learning through this lens. This quote and the ensuing discussion I engaged in with my colleagues that evening, resonated with me so strongly that it forever changed and guided my vision of education.
When I first began teaching over twenty years ago, I do not believe I had a clear idea of what my vision of education was. I was hungry for knowledge myself and took every opportunity I could to attend professional development and implement new curriculum and instructional strategies. During the early part of my career as a teacher, I developed a …show more content…

During this middle portion of my career, I continued focusing on data-based decision making and a strong instructional program, but I also began to value the importance of collaboration, building relationships, and effective communication. I still led by example, but my leadership style began to become more collaborative. As my quest for knowledge continued, and my desire to increase my sphere of influence grew, I decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Leadership. As I think back to that first evening, I realize that the John Wooden quote resonated so strongly with me because those words clearly articulated the vision that I carried within myself as I continuously sought to improve my practice in order to meet the needs of all of my

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