'What Factors Contribute to Infant Mortality in Developed and Less Developed Countries?”

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“What factors contribute to infant mortality in developed and less developed countries?”
“Infant mortality is the number of deaths among live-born infants from birth to under age one” (, n.d.). According to a National Vital Statistics Report in 2006, the leading causes of Infant Mortality in the U.S. were deformities, low birth weight, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, maternal complications, unintentional injuries, respiratory distress of the newborn, bacterial sepsis, neonatal haemorrhage and diseases of the circulatory system (Heron, M.P., Murphy, S.L., Xu, J.Q.,
Kochanek, K.D., & Tejada-Vera, B., 2006). Studies show that in less developed countries around the world some factors contributing to infant mortality …show more content…

Unlike in underdeveloped countries, lack of education and poverty is not as much of a prevalent cause for the death of infants, developed countries also have less exposure to diseases, especially ones

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