What Happens When You See Someone Drop Money On The Street?

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What happens when you see someone drop money on the street? Do you tell them? Do you return it or do you keep it? When you are walking down the sidewalk do you smile at strangers or do you look down and keep walking? All of these answers lead to my belief of growth through love. I believe in love itself, I believe that it has the power to heal. It gives individuals the power to forgive. A person can get great rewards from loving family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers. By loving a stranger you can open up parts of yourself that you might not even know you have. Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. Yes, even a stranger. By being honest and open with anyone, it will help you grow as an individual. It can teach integrity. Everyone has a different way of showing their love. I, for instant, show it just by being nice and helping people out. Anybody can come to me with a problem and I will help them. I will give them my advice and I will try to guide them in the right path, help them grow into a better person. This summer was hard because a person I use to be close with was going through problems. He was sneaking out at night, smoking, and coming home drunk. His family did not know where to turn and how to help him. I had been close to him throughout high school, and I was close with his family. As soon as I saw him changing and going down a dark path I distant myself from the situation. I warned his parents and I told them what he was into; they did

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