What Helmet Must Be Best

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Background Research Plan Both of us have been concussed in hockey before and want to know what helmet would be best to use to prevent concussions. We have found some really important research about hockey concussions.

How much force will it take to cause a concussion? There is no exact amount of force to cause a concussion. The brain just has to hit off the skull hard enough to cause a bruise. What exactly is a concussion? A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can alter the brain. Possible effects of a concussion can be headaches, memory loss, concentration problems, coordination and balance. Hockey in the 1950’s used to be less physical to the head because kids didn’t train as hard as they do now and the game has sped up to make the game more physical and easier to get concussions and head Injuries. Can rules decrease the amount of concussions during hockey games? Rules have actually increased the amount of concussions. Rule 48, which was the banning of hitting to the head before the 2010 to 2011. Bauer claims that the RE- AKT helmet is the best concussion preventing helmet. It reduces the force of big blows to the head which have caused many concussions. In the RE-AKT helmet there is a product called SUSPEND-TECH liner. It is specifically designated for big acceleration when the helmet is impacted. The liner is made of an extremely pliable material that allows it to move independently from the rest of the helmet.

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