What High School Didn 't Teach You

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What High School Didn’t Teach You Throughout the four years that most of us attend high school, we are taught many skills and tricks based off the curriculum the state has provided our teachers with. The “skills” only pertain to the curriculum and not our lives. The high school graduates come out into the real world and are being fed to the sharks of society. Come on, really? These kids were asking to use the restroom no more than four months ago and now they are expected to make life-changing decisions. In high school you are treated like babies, you have to ask to go to the restroom, you get to turn in work late for most of the credit, and you can fail a test as many times as you want and still get the chance to re-take it. High schools do not provide their students with the right skills required once they break out of the little bubble they were once in. Now let us learn the skills that your high school should have taught you in order to achieve your future and current goals in life. Skill number one is for one to have focus and self-control. Everyone is raised in a world of distraction. This makes it hard for some of us to focus what we are doing. We need to focus in order to stay on track to achieve the goals we set, instead of us going on an automatic mindset. Where the information you learn goes in one ear and out of the other. This involves us to remember everything we need to know to tackle goals we have. Paying attention also plays a key role in accomplishing
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