What I Am A Free Man?

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WHAT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO YOUR MONOLOGUE/SCENE PARTNER? I love my wife, but at this moment I have hit my peak of feeling like I am being captive to my own humanity. My wife keeps making me feel that I am not a real man that can support her; she always belittles me and you should never do that to a man. “Don’t you understand that you can not talk to a man like that? Don’t you understand that when you talk like that, I just gotta raise more hell just to prove that I am a free man?”
Two weeks before, I was in an argument with her that resulted in me slapping her and later leaving her to take care of my children alone. Of course when I come back I feel some guilt because I can acknowledge that she has worked hard to take care of my
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Two weeks after we met each other, she was pregnant with my first child. We have two children, one daughter, Reenie, which is sixteen, and a boy, Sonny, which is ten. I have stated that I did not want to marry her because it is like taking a man 's freedom away. We have always been really confused as to why we got married because we got married so quickly and at such an early age. Is it because we love each other? Is it because we need each other? That is a question till this day that I have not uncovered.
I want my wife to understand that I am trying the best I can to provide for my family and that I will do anything to accomplish that. “ I do these long trips because I know this is the only way to provide”. My overall objective is to provide support and happiness for my family, as well as keep my dignity as a man. The stakes are that I will lose my wife and children if I do not take care of them and be there for them. I support them financially, but I do not support them on an emotional level. The urgency is that I am at the point of losing my job and if I do stay home, I will never get that job where I feel protected to who I am.
I am fighting for it now because I do not want things to become dysfunctional. I am trying to protect my image and it is at the point where if I do not get a job right away, my life will be ruin and so will my childrens. I would be there emotionally for my
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