What I Want To Do With My Life

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It was at this moment that I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I had let down so many people including myself by listening to those around me and by doing what they wanted me to do. I never really did something that made me happy. I was always trying to keep the people I love, happy. Call me selfish but I need to do something for myself for once. I tried to fulfill what my mother wanted me to become. Priesthood was not for me. Those long days praying were a bit too long, not knowing when I could take a break from something that was just plain boring. The one thing I knew for sure was that I was tired of it. It was something that I did not wish to do anymore. Maybe a personal experience at church on a Sunday was more for me. I gave up on my mother’s dream for me and I knew I had let her down but I knew she wanted me to be happy when she told me, “Antonio, I know you are unhappy with the decision that you made at this point in your life. This action you took was because of me and I understand that know. It is not your job to keep me happy, you must first be happy yourself. Pursuit and chase the dreams that you have, not the ones that I had for you.” Letting my mother down was one of the hardest things that I could have done. She said it was not my job to keep her happy but as a child she would be the one to keep me happy and I had hoped I could return the favor and do the same. I understand that she wants the best for me, but I do not understand why I had to be caught in
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