What If I Just Lost Weight Essay

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“What if I just lost some weight…” says most girls once in their life. Woman are constantly putting their bodies through awful diets and harsh workouts, just to become perfect in someone else eyes. Woman and young girls see figures of other women with a double zero pants size and ask “why can’t I look like that?” Today society puts too much pressure on young women to have the perfect body. What society needs to say is all women are beautiful, there is no such thing as the perfect body. Today, women are putting down other woman for being a size fourteen. The men in our society are not helping either, by making a woman feel her body is not excepted, by saying they have a preference of a woman. Images like this get stuck in the average Americans mind and they start to paint a picture of perfection. “Women tend to be judged on the basis of what they look like, not who they are, and the more positive the evaluation, the more likely a woman is to be valued by others…” (Strelan, P., Hargreaves, D. May 2005). America has this problem today because of the media, the objectification of woman, and how women carry themselves. Within the Media The media takes a big part in how people in society get their image of perfect. From music videos, TV, beauty pageants, magazines, and social media all contribute to building the image of a perfect woman. There is no way to avoid seeing these types of images because everyday citizens encounter these types of media throughout the day.
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