What Is A Good Kiss Essay

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Kiss is the one thing that really causes you to think of true love. A soft kiss from your lover’s lips can cause you to drift in the moment for hours on end and make you want to kiss your lover for hours on end. True loves create smiles that pushes up from within you like a flower growing out of the ground, with even the slightness thought of your lover; yes, I said smiles because not only is a there a smile on your face, but your eyes smile as well. I mentioned “Kiss”, which deserves a chapter of its’ own however I will say some things about kissing here. Kissing speaks volumes to most female, as the first sign of a possible strong relationship. It is considered the first sign because it the first kiss is bad, there may not be a second kiss. I understand that some of you would like a definition of what is a bad kiss. Well… a bad kiss …show more content…

For each person woman or man, the kiss is how they feel about you, and how you feel about them. A kiss should never be used as a stepping stone to elevate the relationship to next level of intimacy. Here is what I mean; a lot of people male and female only kiss one another to proceed hurriedly to sex. However, a kiss is to create desire and passion. A kiss should be soft, gentle and deliberate. A great kiss is when your mate pays close attention to your lips, both the top and bottom lip. The inside of your lips, as well as the outer lip get special attention. A great kisser kisses your entire lips, all the way around your lips, and pays special attention to the corner of your lips, he/she pauses and/or stops and kisses both corners of your mouth really stops to enjoy your lips. Think about this for a minute, what is the point in someone having nice kissing lips, if they are not used for kissing, or they do not know how to enjoy kissing? This may sound is if I am talking in circles; however, a kiss is only as special as the person who is delivering the kiss, to the person who receiving the kiss! A kiss is

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