What Is A Operating System?

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What is a operating system? An operating system is the most essential software that is placed in a computer. It achieves the computer 's memory and procedures, and the software and hardware. Also, it importantly allows you to interact with the computer itself even if you cant speak the computers language. It provides mutual services for computer programs. Some examples of operating systems are Windows (vista, 7), Mac OS, Haiku, Linux, BSD. Command line operating systems Some examples of command line operating systems are Linux and DOS. DOS, also known as disc operating system is a user interface where you can command the computer difficult but basic tasks to be done quickly. LINUX is a public/ open-source operating system based by UNIX. …show more content…

A great example of a GUI that uses a control panel is Windows 7. What is machine and peripheral management? The Peripheral management manages peripheral device by conveying them commands in the devices own code. Every peripheral device has its own specific code. One language is binary. For example, in Linux OS, it is the process of turning inputs into outputs. Some peripheral devices are keyboards, mouse, webcams etc. What is file management? File management consists of files that are placed in an area of storage and where you can name your file regarding its content and place it where ever you want. It is the way toward looking after files, reports into classifications and subcategories as wanted by a client. Essential parts of file management are arranging, naming and grouping PC information. What is meant by customising the desktop? Operating systems allow you to customise your desktop which means you can adapt specific features on the user interface. This means the look can be changed to your preference. Also, it is a handy way to organise/ navigate your work whilst adding your own look. For example, you can change your background picture to your preference. It could be your national flag, your favourite colour or even favourite car. On the picture to the left my favourite car is a Lamborghini in green. What is device driver? Every

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