Windows 8 : A Computer Operating System

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Body Windows 8 “Windows 8 is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems.” (“Windows 10”). Windows 8 appearance looks like a bunch of colorful squares, however it can be customized. The operating system can change color schemes and the operator can organize icons to their liking. Windows 8 is managed using utilities such as Microsoft System Center. Remote installation, policy enforcement, application monitoring, and software updating are all available. Essential Applications are Microsoft Messenger, Outlook Express Word pad, Content filter and Silverlight. ("Comparative Study of Windows, Linux Ubuntu, and Unix."). Windows 8 performance when booting up and running applications is very quick and smooth. Windows 8 has flaws such as a complicating ribbon toolbar added to Windows Explorer and a Desktop that works awful via touch. It was intended to be used with touch screens. If a touch screen is present it assumes that a keyboard isn’t which leads to faulty metro features such as searching for an application by typing in the start screen. Alterations to Windows 8 are minor and the appearances is nearly the same as Windows 7. Some improvements would be that the ribbon toolbar can be turned off and so the old command bar can be used. “There is no longer a button in the bottom panel so one new feature introduced in this operating system is called Charms. Like OS X’s ability to perform certain tasks when your

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