What Is A Pilot Study

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Primaty data from the respondents will be collected using an in-depth interview schedule. This method allows for personal interaction between the respondents and the researcher. It is also ideal as it enable the researcher to vary the questions and also seek for further details from the respondent as may be appropriate (Blumberg, 2008). Secondary data will be collected from journals and book reviews of the strategies the multinational pharmaceutical companies apply to overcome the challenges from the generic industry. 3.7 Pilot Study Welman, Kruger and Mitchell (2008) argues that a pilot study is carried out for the following reasons: to detect possible flaws in the measurement procedures that may include among others, aspects such as …show more content…

In this study reliability test is to be carried out by pilot test and computing Cronbach’s Alpha. Sekeran and Bougie (2010) reinforces that pilot test is necessary for testing the reliability of instruments where the feedback of the pilot study is used to refine the instruments to make it reliable during the study. Cronbach’s alpha will be used to test the reliability of the measures of the instruments. Bryman (2011) suggests that where Cronbach Alpha is used for reliability test, a rule of thumb is also used that states that the Cronbanch values of the items in the study should not be lower than 0.7. The Cronbach values will be computed as follows: α = K / (K - 1) [1- (Σσk2 / σtotal2)] ……………… Equation Where K is the number of items, Σσk2 is the sum of the k item score variances, and σtotal2 is the variance of scores on the total measurement. 3.8 Data Analysis and Presentation Data analysis involve reducing accumulated data to a manageable size, developing summaries, looking for patterns and applying statistical techniques while data preparation includes editing, coding, and data entry and its activity that ensures the accuracy of the data and their conversion from raw form to reduced and classified form that are more appropriate for analysis (Cooper & Schindler, 2016). The study will employ both descriptive and inferential statistical techniques to allow presentation of data in a more

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