What Is A Special Place Essay

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The changing of consciousness is when a person's demeanor changes due to the significance of the place they are at. This can be related to my life when I go from being in the street, to then going to church with my grandmother. I have been taught from a young age that a temple is a sacred place, and the people there are not to be bothered with childish acts. I have experienced change of consciousness constantly when I go to places that have meaning in my life. These places are zones where time does not affect me as I am living in that moment. When I go to mass I stop talking and start to be quiet and respectful toward the sacred place I entered. The reason for this is conditioning to do so from a young age, and the other comes from experience …show more content…

It reminds me of the brotherhood, camaraderie, and kinship I went through in high school. My special place helps me daily as I use it as a stress reliever or a method to clear my mind. Even when I am faced with the darkest days my special place helps me push through whatever I am facing. Especially in my current situation as one of my closer friends was badly injured in an accident and we were hoping to join the service together. My friend and I were close like brothers so when I heard he was injured I badly I was not sure how to react. My mind started to race then I realized I couldn't really do anything but support him in what ways I can. I entered my special place and began to calm down as my mind was being controlled with the fear of not knowing what happened to my friend. The accident leaves the matter of joining the service as something only the future to prove if he will recover or not. I later came to know that both of his legs were broken and his parents suffered a different fate. Whenever my mind is clouded with such tragedies or I begin to get paranoid due to stressors I enter my special place. This is because the nostalgia alone helps me forget of the bad and remember the good. However, all good things must come to an end so I have to come back to reality. When I do return from my sacred place I am calm, joyful, and motivated to overcome whatever challenges I may

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