What Is Accepting Conflict, A Natural Part Of Life?

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As Director of Nursing of Tina’s Long Term Care facility our management goals are to look at every employee as a part of a system. Each and every employees input and contribution is needed in order for our system to run smoothly. Daily before each shift ends and the next begins all staff CNA, LPN and RN will discuss activity from previous shift and any ideas thought to make the next shift easier. Employees will be valued as individuals and encouraged to continue their education and grow with the company. As with any system, when one piece is missing the system will begin to fail. Our facility understands employees will not always see eye to eye and have implanted certain plans to deal with resolving conflict. Not only in healthcare but in any work setting conflict can occur due to difference in personality, difference in nursing opinions, language, background or many other reasons. In order for them to communicate through conflict we want them to practice: 1. Accepting conflict as a natural part of life, different points of views, needs and beliefs are often involved. 2. Take time to think critically before reacting. 3. Listen to others and learn. 4. Always respect another, show respect despite anger. 5. Try and find common grounds/goals to create highest common denominator. If this list of things does not work for our employees, we as a system will use the problem solving process and try to come up with a better conclusion. WE will have all members involved in the conflict
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